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What People Are Saying About Vision Theraphy...

Past Vision Therapy Patients:

"Vision therapy is helpful and fun!”

“I used to read and see two of each word. Now I can read and see only one!"

"Vision therapy was awesome, and helped me see better!"

"It helped me raise my grades and also helped me focus more! I love vision therapy!"

"My favorite part of vision therapy was having fun and improving my vision at the same time."

"Vision therapy has got me to stop having headaches, double vision, and helped me in school!"

"I feel more confident than I was before vision therapy."

"Reading and spelling used to be hard for me but now it's super easy!"

"I used to be embarrassed but now everything is so much better!"

"My eyes are working better and I can accomplish so many things!"

"I don't have headaches when I read anymore!"

"As a person, it made me feel better about myself."

Parents of Past Vision Therapy Patients:

"My daughter has no more headaches and sees more clearly!"

"This is 100% important for kids!"

“All the help they gave my son has helped with his school and sports!"

"His teachers have already noticed a great change in his work!"

"His reading skills have greatly improved and he loves to read a lot now!"

"My child did not need IEP classes, he needed vision therapy!"

"My daughter had difficulty seeing the blackboard and her eyes would always water, now after vision therapy these problems are gone!"

"Vision Therapy is all worth while when your child can succeed with just a little bit of help."

"My child no longer cries her way through reading and writing."

"The best thing to come out of Vision Therapy is my child's confidence in herself!"

"If I could give advice to other parents I'd say: if the school thinks your child has a learning problem but you disagree, get their eyes checked!"