These are common symptoms for learning-related vision disorders:

• slow reader / difficulty reading

• points with finger while reading

• poor comprehension

• poor handwriting

• homework takes longer than it should

• short attention span, restless, unable to stay on task

• appears "lazy" or umotivated

• shows symptoms similar to ADD / ADHD

• avoids close work

• holds book too closely

• covers an eye to read

• complains of blurry or double print

• loses place, omits or confuses small words while reading

• rubs eyes, squints or blinks excessively

• smart in everything but school

• has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)

• substitutes words while reading or copying

• difficulty remembering what was read

• headache after doing close work

• confuses right with left directions repeatedly

• fatigue, frustration, stress

• unusual posture / head tilt while reading or writing

• speech / language therapy

• has repeated a grade

• words run together when reading

• skips / repeats lines when reading

• misaligns digits / columns of numbers

• letter reversals past the 1st grade

• difficulty copying from the board

• clumsy, knocks things over

• low self-esteem

• performing below potential

• labeled as dyslexic or learning disabled

These are all treatable symptoms in our vision therapy program! If you think your child has a vision related learning disorder call today to schedule an evaluation and consultation!

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