COVID-19 Precautions Recommended by the AOA and adopted by our office 

At Kid’s Eye Site, we value the safety of our patients and staff. We will remain open and continue to provide necessary eye care services while exercising the recommended precautions during this pandemic.  We have adjusted our schedule in order to limit the amount of people in our office and to make social distancing easy to maintain. We have adopted cleaning and sanitation policies recommended by the CDC to keep you safe and healthy.  Please do not bring extra family or friends with you to the appointment if at all possible.

We will address all issues related to glasses and contacts using our curbside service. Patients can call 405-943-2020 or look for a staff member at our entrance to get assistance.

If you are not sure whether you should come in for an appointment, please call our staff with questions and concerns. We will do our best to help you over the phone. Please be patient with us as we continue to follow updated recommendations and strategies, which are ever changing during this time.For the protection of our patients, and our employees, we will be following the cleaning and sanitation guidelines recommended by the CDC and AOA posted below:


a) Personal cleanliness, EVERYONE

i) Wash hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 sec (e.g.: sing happy birthday twice).

(1) Wash your hands before eating, after using the restroom, sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose.

(2) Do not touch your face or eyes without washing hands.

(3) Use disinfectant when it is not possible to wash your hands.

(4) Cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze with a tissue, discard the tissue in the trash and wash your hands.

ii) Disinfect hard surfaces at a minimum of morning, midday and evening, as well as after any encounter with that surface during the day.

(a) If the surface is dirty, use detergent or soap and water to clean, discard paper towel

(b) After dirt is removed, use Clorox/Lysol wipes to clean all hard surfaces.

(c) When wipes are absent, pre-mixed spray bottles containing (1 quart of water with 4 teaspoons of bleach), should be used to wipe down all surfaces, use disposable gloves with paper towel. After all surfaces are wiped discard paper towel and gloves.

(d) Clean all computer keyboards in all offices morning, midday and evening.


(1) Wipe down all surfaces morning, midday and evening plus before each patient encounter.

(2) Eliminate all clutter on front desk (it will be easier to clean).

(3) Eliminate all bowls of mints or candy and courtesy magazines.

(4) Eliminate pens from cups. All pens are to be sanitized in front of the patient and then given to the patient. After they sign in, the pen is again sanitized.

(5) Check people in by staff signing them in. “Hi my name is XXX, are you here for a scheduled appointment today? I will check you in” Or if they must write something, give them a pen that is disinfected in front of them.


(1) Greet with a wave, no contact.

(2) In exam rooms, use alcohol wipes to wipe down the equipment in front of each patient. When alcohol pads are not present, use cotton balls and 70 percent alcohol to wipe instruments down.

(3) Clean door knobs to all exam rooms before each patient encounter.


(1) Disinfect all optician desk surfaces before or after each patient, share with the patient, “We have implemented a clean and safe disinfection process.”

(2) All pens are sanitized and given to the patient, after they sign in, the pen is again sanitized.

(3) Sanitize all eyewear before handing the frame to the patient. Sanitize all frame boards morning, midday and evening.

(4) Sanitize the pupillometer in front of the patient before taking a measurement.


(1) Declutter all offices/consult rooms

(2) Share with patients, “We have implemented a new healthy, clean and safe disinfection process.”

(3) Wash hands before and after the patient encounter in front of the patient.

(4) Fist bump, elbow bump, toe tap or wave to greet the patient.


(1) Self-Care –do not leave anything for someone else to clean. Use wipes and do not flush the wipes.

(2) Clean the sink and floor if necessary.


Designated person(s) will clean morning, midday and evening.



i) Only a fist bump, elbow bump, toe tap or wave to greet.

ii) No handshakes or hugs.


i) If they show up ill, reschedule them. “I am so sorry you are not feeling well, to protect you and all of our patients, let me reschedule your appointment.”

ii) Anyone calling to cancel because they are ill say, “Thank you for calling us, we are happy to reschedule you for when you feel better.”


i) If you have any of the following symptoms: fever, body aches or sore throat, do not come in to the office. It is better to be overly cautious. The vast majority of patients who get this virus are fine in 7-14 days. If you come in ill, you will be sent home, no exceptions.

ii) Be flexible, offer to help in an area that is not your own, if employees are ill there may be moving of patients. All must be willing to pitch in to help in other areas.